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Traditional Weddings

Celebrations deserve the best, and live music is the perfect touch to make your wedding day memorable and happy.

Let Karen Addie help you choose music to match the mood you want to set for your ceremony on your special day.


Music begins as the first guests arrive and continues throughout the processional.

Generally the prelude lasts from 30 to 45 minutes. If the wedding is running late, no problem! We have enough music to play forever!

You may allow selections to be musician's choice, however, think about whether you want classical music, standard love songs, or a mixture of both. Also, the last few pieces of the prelude are very important. All of your guests are there and are waiting for you!


Signal Person: I always ask for a person who is NOT in the wedding party to signal me when the bridal party is ready. I need a very clear signal so I know when to begin this first processional selection. We play a special piece for each event of the processional, and it begins with the seating of the grandmothers or mothers.

The processional begins with:

  • Formal seating of the mothers (grandmothers may also be included in this seating) Are the mothers going to light candles? Will they be seated first and get up together, or do they walk directly to the candle?
  • Entrance of officiant, groom and groomsmen - Are the groomsmen going to escort the bridesmaids, will they meet them half way, or will they take their places in front with the officiant?
  • Bridesmaid's entry, either one by one or escorted by groomsmen
  • Bride's walk to the alter


Musical selections orchestrate customs such as:

  • Lighting of Unity Candle
  • Rose Ceremony
  • Sign of Peace
  • Meditation
  • Sharing Wine
  • Jumping the Broom
  • Unity Sand Ceremony
  • Use your creativity!


Bride and groom are pronounced husband and wife and are presented to the guests! Music should be joyful and grand.


Music continues until the last person leaves. Sometimes brides and grooms choose to release guests row by row. This may require up to 20 or 30 more minutes of music.

Serving Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky


We have an unlimited repertoire of music. Classical, Show Tunes, Popular, Latin, French, and more!


All ceremonies are unique. Together we will find your perfect music for your special day.


Live music is the perfect touch to make your wedding day memorable and happy.


Entertainment that is sophisticated, naturally beautiful, and creates a special mood.

Dinner Parties

Offerings of food, drink, and music have been breaking down barriers for centuries.